LYV, a unique bottle which won an award for its original and bold design.
An obvious choice for the creative team at LYV who wanted to glorify the richness and personality of the terroirs of Languedoc.

Just like the many facets of the bottle, LYV can be appreciated in many dimensions, it can be both powerful and gentle, lively & elegant, cosmopolitan and so very French, all at the same time!

Be yourself! LYV is pure pleasure in the taste, the joy of the moment, and the satisfaction of true and sincere experiences infused with our Languedoc culture.


Iain Munson, our winemaker, puts all his talent into our sunny, fruity, and delectable LYV cuvées. He has kept his typically British style despite adopting France as his new homeland. In 2016 he obtained the prestigious title of Master of Wine, and it is vital for him to share his passion and love for the product.

LYV celebrates all personalities and all characters. This openness comes from its origins at the heart of this region where populations mingle and meet, and this is reflected in our teams. This diversity of cultures is mutually enriching and encourages sharing and discussion.

LYV also reflects the values that we have shared with the winegrowers of Languedoc for over twenty years. These winegrowers bring out the best in our terroirs and unveil some little-known treasures, such as the IGP Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, represented by the cuvée ADIMANT by LYV.


LYV offers an infinite palette of food and wine pairings for special moments of sensory delight, elegant and liberated gastronomic experiences thanks to the pleasure of good, natural products.

LYV represents a certain timelessness, the beauty of an instant, a shared moment. The desire to live all the facets of Languedoc intensely.

Underlining the value of the words Made in France and, more specifically, Made in the South of France, that’s also what LYV is all about! Discover with the signature LYV the cuvée that suits you.

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