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The initiative “J’aime mon bistrot” was created in 2020 to support all the bars and restaurants in France forced to shut their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its “pay now, consume later” system aims to help them survive the lockdown period. These establishments are the lynchpin of social life, tourism and conviviality, and have already been hard-hit by the various events and uprisings of the past 18 months.

This crisis is a further blow to a profession which was already suffering. Through its participation in “j’aime mon bistrot”, the interprofessional organisation of Pays D’Oc wines gives even more voice to this consumer-driven appeal to support and, in some cases, save these establishments.

Pay now to consume later is a way of helping to maintain this sector of activity which is essential to community life. You too can support your favourite local bar or restaurant via

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